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Smart Solutions For Healthcare


Solutions for a complete logistics and clinical management of drugs, medications and medical devices, in hospital wards and operating theatres.

For a centralized governance of the processes, to enhance the quality of the services provided and to raise the standard levels of the distribution process.

Easy-to-use solutions support guided and controlled loading and unloading processes. Real-time inventory and accounting system, control of the minimum stock, reduction of inefficiencies, waste and unavailability of products. To enable the implementation of guided processes and control of single-item consumption. Full process traceability and clinical risk reduction.

Flexible and modular solutions adaptable to the context, the distribution model, the organization ant the IT maturity level of the customer.


The Smart Solution for the Distribution Governance

IPSA solutions meets the needs of different hospital contexts with a combination of hardware and software products.

Thanks to the different software modules it is possible to start from the mere logistic control (Smart Stock), then add traceability of medications batch and expiration (Smart Track), ending up to the integrated clinical control of the process (Smart Therapy).

Smart Therapy allows for an advanced "Closed Loop Medication Administration", complying with the requirements and highest international standards on the quality of the drug therapy process.

Smart Therapy reduces the clinical risk, thanks to Electronic Medication Administration Record (EMAR) functions, with administration support controlled by barcode scan (BCMA). Starting from the electronic prescription, the system assesses the actual medication needs and, thanks to the real-time availability of the ward inventory information, it implements an optimized logistics process.

Solutions that are highly configurable and a wide availability of products provide support to different distribution models.
Thanks to the different hardware products it is possible to support various different processes.


The advanced solution for the logistics management of medical devices

The solution for medical devices allows an effective management and control of the products inventory, ensures the clinical traceability, and simplifies the administrative operations.

From a logistics point of view, with the Smart Stock solution it is possible to get a real-time inventory, thanks to the controlled load/unload activities, and to the support of the products re-ordering.

With the traceability provided by the Smart Track software, the ability to manage batch and expiration is added to the system, allowing for a complete traceability of the high cost / high risk product, either in stock or on consignment.

The risk of medical devices' expiration is minimized and the traceability is complete. In addition, it is possible to record the consumption of implantable products in the patient's EMR.